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We had a special day at Sygnet Fabrications, filled with cameras and action!

A videographer joined us to capture the big changes since Hollywood Monster became a part of our story.

It was all about showing our journey – where we’ve been and where we’re going.

Our team got to share their experiences on camera.

They talked about our new way of working, our office makeover, and our exciting future plans.

It’s not just about the changes in our workspace; it’s about how these changes are making us better at what we do.

We’re creating a place where creativity and teamwork are at the heart of everything.

We also focused on careers at Sygnet.

We’re not just a fabrication company; we’re a starting point for people to grow their careers.

The videographer captured some great moments – from our team working on projects to casual chats over coffee.

These videos will show you the real Sygnet – a place full of life, energy, and innovation.

The filming wasn’t just to make a video; it was a chance for us to reflect on how far we’ve come and get excited about our future. And we want to share this excitement with you.

We hope that you’ll see the new Sygnet Fabrications – full of opportunities, growth, and a strong team spirit.

Take a look here!!


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