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We aim to be fully Sustainable by 2025

Pioneering eco-friendly alternatives.

We’re transforming the industry with non-PVC materials, offering high-quality and durable signage with a lighter environmental footprint. With 80% of our range now sustainable, we aim for 100% by 2025.

Reducing carbon, preserving nature.

Our journey with the innovative Kavalan and UFabrik ranges exemplifies our commitment. We’re turning plastic bottles into signage and cutting carbon emissions with lighter shipping.

We stand together, committed to sustainability. Our mission is to safeguard our planet’s diverse ecosystems. United in purpose, we’re driving change in the signage industry and beyond. The future of our environment relies on immediate, collective action. With our sustainable practices, we’re not just preserving resources but ensuring the vitality of all species for generations to come.

Step closer to net zero carbon with us.

So far, we have found high quality alternatives for 80% of our product range, and we are working towards achieving this for 100% of our range by 2025.